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mouchkine jewelry couture pink heart with a center vintage eye necklace
mouchkine jewelry heart eye chic trendy necklace
mouchkine jewelry luxury handmade in france pink heart with antique eye necklace
mouchkine jewelry luxury handmade necklace. a pink heart with an antique eye and real pearls.
mouchkine jewelry paris luxury handmade pink heart necklace
mouchkine jewelry heart pink eye luxury necklace made in france
mouchkine jewelry haute couture stylish pink heart eye necklace
mouchkine jewelry handmade luxury statement pink heart necklace

Lover's Eye Necklace




All our products are ultra light thanks to our specific technic with a base of felt.

Entirely handmade & made in France, a haute couture jewel to sublimate your style with grace & elegance. A haute couture necklace to look like no other.

- dark red Swarovski crystals

- ceramic flowers

- delicate crystals & strass chain

- real ocean pearls

- and a magnificent antique eye under glass round cabochon.

Each of our pieces are minutely duplicated one by one, by our jewelrydesigner herself, in her workshop in south of france.

Handmade & made in France

w :  9,5 cm
h :  16 cm

General informations : our jewels use resine, felt, cermic & porcelain flowers,ocean pearls, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, glass pearls, ribbons, and sometimes brass supports.

mouchkine jewelry couture pink heart with a center vintage eye necklace

Lover's Eye Necklace